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Web Sites

Works with Cutting-Edge Internet Technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, & Mobile-First Responsive Web Design (RWD)

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Mobile Apps on Smart Phones and Tablet, over globe

Web Apps & Mobile Apps

Develops Industry-Leading Applications for Staff, Security, and Occupants in Iconic Buildings

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PHP / MySQLi Code

Software & Databases

Created Ground-Breaking Educational Software; Works with Content Management Systems (CMSs), Learning Management Systems (LMSs), PHP and MySQL

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Holiday E-Card

E-Mail & Social Media

Practiced and Consulted in Online Marketing/Branding

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Rep. Linda Sánchez on cable TV show

Radio, TV, Video, & Film

Production of Talk Shows, Pre-Production of Indie Film, Videography, & Audio/Video Editing

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CaliforniaSpeaks Health Care Forum Report cover

Research, Analysis, Writing, & Editing

Strategic Marketing, News & Opinion Writing, Scientific Research, Literature, etc.

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An initiative of AmericaSpeaks.
Portrait of Melissa

Graphic Design & Fine Art

Visual Branding, Illustration, & Portraiture

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Melissa, oil on canvas, 11x14in. © 2002 Douglas Drenkow. All Rights Reserved.

Douglas Drenkow

Intelligent, tenacious, creative problem-solver — well organized, detail-oriented as well as strategic-thinking.

Entrepreneurial leader, cooperative team-player — as with diverse coworkers, corporate executives, and staff of high government officials.

Leverages digital technologies, creative disciplines, and critical thinking to deliver powerful messages — online and off.