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DEMOCRACY: Government & Politics | September 18, 2003




An E-Mail to an Influential California Democrat

This is one of my unpublished replies to one of many responses to my e-mail published in an influential Democratic Newsgroup about the formal entry of General Clark into the Presidential Race.

You're, of course, probably right.  Clark's a REAL longshot at this point (then again, so was Dean just a few months ago).

Just musing, but there are a few things I can think of that *might* make it work for Clark...

...he's reportedly got some of Clinton's top people working for and advising him (never underestimate the staff that helped make the "Comeback Kid" the "Comeback Kid").

...the field is so crowded [with nine other candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination] that no one candidate is enjoying a significant advantage over the others, and all are dividing the donor pool etc.

...there are more and more debates coming up; and despite their low visibility, the word does get out -- and if "the people" want someone bad enough, the money etc. will follow.

...like Dean, he's got a passionate, internet-savvy base of supporters working for him (even before he decided to enter).

And finally, although I'm not old enough to remember [clearly], didn't Bobby Kennedy enter the Presidential primary race [vs. Eugene McCarthy] at even a later stage (maybe even after the first primaries [actually, after the New Hampshire primary])?  OK, OK, just as Dan Quayle was no John Kennedy, Wesley Clark is no Robert Kennedy (bless his soul!); then again, he ain't no Bush, either!

At the very least, General Clark can help show us how to stand tall and give Bush hell.

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